Investmenst in Greece

Reasons you should invest in Greek properties

- Despite the financial crisis, Greece is very tempting for property investors. This country is a very enriching experience for those who love the rich history, architecture, culture and tradition, the wonderful climate, the beauty of the nature, the warm and welcoming people, the delicious and healthy food. Greece and all the Greek islands provide a coastline twice as long as Italy’s and five times longer than Spain’s. And yet, the cost of living in Greece is among the lowest in Europe. It’s about 20% lower than the UK. No wonder it’s a great destination for expats and tourists alike.

Benefits of the European Union

- Greece is a member of the European Union and the European Monetary Union, which makes purchasing procedures much simpler and safer. Local regulations resonate familiar to EU citizens and also protect non-European investors as they are regulated by the same European Directives that guarantee the standard. If you are building, restoring or buying property in Greece as an investment, then you should consider that here is capital growth today and that there will also be in the future. Furthermore, Greece is characterized by low transaction costs.


An opportunity now

- The Greek residential investment market is expected to grow and improve in quality. The demand for holiday homes is on rise. Foreign buyers are searching for apartments and maisonettes that can become also a source of a stable income during summer. The Halkidiki region is easily reachable from the Thessaloniki airport, that is now growing and getting bigger, and by car from all the Balcans, Turkey and Eastern Europe.

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